A Million Miles Away 2023

“A Million Miles Away” presents the inspiring true story of José Hernández, a Mexican-American farmworker who pursued his dream of becoming an astronaut against all odds. While the film’s heartwarming portrayal of Hernández, played by Michael Peña, and his journey is undeniably touching, it falls into the trap of playing it safe.

Director and co-writer Alejandra Márquez Abella takes a straightforward approach, perhaps influenced by Hernández’s memoir, resulting in a somewhat predictable biopic. The film chronicles Hernández’s life from childhood, his struggles with racism and discrimination, and his unwavering determination to join NASA.

While the film features strong performances, particularly from Rosa Salazar as Hernández’s wife, it lacks the depth and complexity that could have made it more impactful. The narrative adheres to familiar biopic tropes and fails to fully explore the complexities of assimilation and identity.

Despite its shortcomings, “A Million Miles Away” remains an uplifting story of perseverance and achievement, making it a suitable choice for family viewing, even if it doesn’t quite reach the stars it aims for. Visit NetNaija for more!

A Million Miles Away | September 15, 2023 (United States) Summary: A biopic about Jose Hernandez and his path from a farm worker to becoming an engineer and an astronaut. A tale of perseverance, community and sacrifice to accomplish a seemingly impossible d... Read all
Countries: Mexico, United StatesLanguages: English

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