The New Boy 2023

In Warwick Thornton’s haunting film, “The New Boy,” the story unfolds against the backdrop of Australia’s tumultuous history. Aswan Reid’s powerful performance as the unnamed protagonist captures the struggle of a young Aboriginal man who faces colonial forces during World War II. After a violent encounter with a policeman, he is sent to an orphanage run by Cate Blanchett’s Sister Eileen, where attempts are made to erase his spiritual connection to the land and replace it with Catholicism.

Reid’s portrayal of the new boy’s resilience and connection to his roots is striking. The film delves into the complexities of cultural erasure and the impact of colonization. With stunning cinematography that showcases the beauty of nature and a haunting score by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, “The New Boy” is a meditative and thought-provoking exploration of Australia’s history and the choices that shape its future. Visit NetNaija for more!

The New Boy | July 6, 2023 (Australia) Summary: The mesmeric story of a nine-year-old aboriginal Australian orphan boy who arrives in the dead of night at a remote monastery run by a renegade nun.
Countries: AustraliaLanguages: English

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