Don’t Look Away 2023

“Don’t Look Away” is a horror film that preys on the unsettling fear of inanimate objects coming to life and tormenting their victims. Directed and written by Miceal Bafaro and Micheal Mitton, the story unfolds when a group of friends inadvertently unleashes a malevolent force contained within a haunted mannequin.

The film opens with a gruesome encounter involving thieves who discover the sinister secret hidden in a coffin-sized box. As the mannequin begins to terrorize and claim its victims, it becomes clear that its haunting power relies on catching the gaze of those who encounter it. To survive, the friends must never avert their eyes from the mannequin, as looking away allows it to move in for a deadly attack.

While “Don’t Look Away” offers moments of visceral horror and tension, its plot leaves much to be desired. The lack of backstory for the malevolent mannequin detracts from its overall scariness, and the film’s acting doesn’t consistently deliver. However, it does provide some gruesome scenes and a sense of unease for those seeking a contemporary horror experience with a quirky storyline. Visit Netnaija for more!

Don't Look Away | September 1, 2023 (Pakistan) Summary: It doesn't move, it doesn't think, it just kills. For one young woman, a chance encounter with this supernatural entity proves devastating. Frankie learns that once you see the mannequin, th... Read all
Countries: CanadaLanguages: English

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